Pronunciation: (pool'pit, pul'-), [key]
1. a platform or raised structure in a church, from which the sermon is delivered or the service is conducted.
2. the pulpit,
a. the clerical profession; the ministry.
b. members of the clergy collectively: In attendance were representatives of medicine, the pulpit, and the bar.
3. (esp. in Protestantism and Judaism) the position of pastor or rabbi: He heard of a pulpit in Chicago that was about to be vacated.
4. preaching.
5. (in small craft)
a. a safety rail rising about 18 to 30 in. (48 to 76 cm) from the deck near the bow and extending around it.
b. a similar rail at the stern.
6. a control booth in a factory, usually elevated and glass-enclosed, from which an operator can observe and direct the manufacturing process.

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