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Pronunciation: (kwôrt), [key]
1. a unit of liquid measure of capacity, equal to one fourth of a gallon, or 57.749 cubic inches (0.946 liter) in the U.S. and 69.355 cubic inches (1.136 liters) in Great Britain.
2. a unit of dry measure of capacity, equal to one eighth of a peck, or 67.201 cubic inches (1.101 liters).
3. a container holding, or capable of holding, a quart.


Pronunciation: (kärt), [key]
1. Piquet.a sequence of four cards of the same suit, as an ace, king, queen, and jack (quart major), or king, queen, jack, and ten (quart minor).
2. Fencing Rare.quarte.


1. quarter.
2. quarterly.

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