Pronunciation: (ri-sē'vur), [key]
1. a person or thing that receives.
2. a device or apparatus that receives electrical signals, waves, or the like, and renders them perceptible to the senses, as the part of a telephone held to the ear, a radio receiving set, or a television receiving set.
3. Law.a person appointed by a court to manage the affairs of a bankrupt business or person or to care for property in litigation.
4. Com.a person appointed to receive money due.
5. a person who knowingly receives stolen goods for an illegal purpose; a dealer in stolen merchandise.
6. a device or apparatus for receiving or holding something; receptacle; container.
7. (in a firearm) the basic metal unit housing the action and to which the barrel and other components are attached.
8. Chem.a vessel for collecting and containing a distillate. See illus. under alembic.
9. Football.a player on the offensive team who catches, is eligible to catch, or is noted for the ability to catch a forward pass: Jones was the receiver of the first pass thrown. He sent all his receivers downfield.
10. Baseball.the catcher.

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