Pronunciation: (rō'lur), [key]
1. a person or thing that rolls.
2. a cylinder, wheel, caster, or the like, upon which something is rolled along.
3. a cylindrical body, revolving on a fixed axis, esp. one to facilitate the movement of something passed over or around it.
4. a cylindrical object upon which something is rolled up: the roller of a window shade.
5. a hollow, cylindrical object of plastic, stiff net, or the like, upon which hair is rolled up for setting.
6. a cylindrical body for rolling over something to be spread out, leveled, crushed, smoothed, compacted, impressed, inked, etc.
7. any of various other revolving cylindrical bodies, as the barrel of a music box.
8. Metalworking.a person in charge of a rolling mill.
9. a long, swelling wave advancing steadily.
10. a rolled bandage.


Pronunciation: (rō'lur), [key]
n. Ornith.
1. any of several Old World birds of the family Coraciidae that tumble or roll over in flight, esp. in the breeding season.
2. tumbler (def. 9).
3. one of a variety of canaries having a warbling or trilling song.

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