Pronunciation: (ruf'ul), [key]
v., -fled, -fling,

1. to destroy the smoothness or evenness of: The wind ruffled the sand.
2. to erect (the feathers), as a bird in anger.
3. to disturb, vex, or irritate: to be ruffled by a perceived slight.
4. to turn (the pages of a book) rapidly.
5. to pass (cards) through the fingers rapidly in shuffling.
6. to draw up (cloth, lace, etc.) into a ruffle by gathering along one edge.

1. to be or become ruffled; undulate; flutter: Flags ruffle in the wind.
2. to be or become vexed or irritated.
3. to put on airs; swagger.

1. a break in the smoothness or evenness of some surface; undulation.
2. a strip of cloth, lace, etc., drawn up by gathering along one edge and used as a trimming on a dress, blouse, etc.
3. some object resembling this, as the ruff of a bird.
4. disturbance or vexation; annoyance; irritation: It is impossible to live without some daily ruffles to our composure.
5. a disturbed state of mind; perturbation.


Pronunciation: (ruf'ul), [key]
n., v., -fled, -fling.

a low, continuous beating of a drum.

to beat (a drum) in this manner.

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