Pronunciation: (rus'ul), [key]
1. Bertrand (Arthur William), 3rd Earl, 1872–1970, English philosopher, mathematician, and author: Nobel prize for literature 1950.
2. Charles Edward, 1860–1941, U.S. journalist, sociologist, biographer, and political leader.
3. Charles Taze Pronunciation: (tāz), [key] (“Pastor Russell”), 1852–1916, U.S. religious leader and publisher: founder of Jehovah's Witnesses.
4. Elizabeth Mary, Countess (Mary Annette Beauchamp) (“Elizabeth”), 1866–1941, Australian novelist.
5. George William (“Æ”), 1867–1935, Irish poet and painter.
6. Henry Norris, 1877–1957, U.S. astronomer.
7. John Russell, 1st Earl (Lord John Russell), 1792–1878, British statesman: prime minister 1846–52, 1865–66.
8. Lillian (Helen Louise Leonard), 1861–1922, U.S. singer and actress.
9. William Fel•ton Pronunciation: (fel'tn), [key] (Bill), born 1934, U.S. basketball player and coach.
10. a male given name.

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