Pronunciation: (sôs), [key]
n., v., sauced, sauc•ing.

1. any preparation, usually liquid or semiliquid, eaten as a gravy or as a relish accompanying food.
2. stewed fruit, often puréed and served as an accompaniment to meat, dessert, or other food: cranberry sauce.
3. something that adds piquance or zest.
4. Informal.impertinence; sauciness.
5. Slang.hard liquor (usually prec. by the): He's on the sauce again.
6. vegetables eaten with meat.

1. to dress or prepare with sauce; season: meat well sauced.
2. to make a sauce of: Tomatoes must be sauced while ripe.
3. to give piquance or zest to.
4. to make agreeable or less harsh.
5. speak impertinently or saucily to.

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Sausauce américaine
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