Pronunciation: (skot), [key]
1. Barbara Ann, born 1928, Canadian figure skater.
2. Dred Pronunciation: (dred), [key] 1795?–1858, a black slave whose suit for freedom (1857) was denied by the U.S. Supreme Court (Dred Scott Decision) on the grounds that a slave was not a citizen and therefore could not sue in a federal court.
3. Duncan Campbell, 1862–1947, Canadian poet and public official.
4. Sir George Gilbert, 1811–78, English architect.
5. his grandson,Sir Giles Gilbert, 1880–1960, English architect.
6. Robert Fal•con Pronunciation: (fôl'kun, fal'-, fô'kun), [key] 1868–1912, British naval officer and antarctic explorer.
7. Sir Walter, 1771–1832, Scottish novelist and poet.
8. Win•field Pronunciation: (win'fēld"), [key] 1786–1866, U.S. general.
9. a male given name.

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