Pronunciation: (sēm), [key]
1. the line formed by sewing together pieces of cloth, leather, or the like.
2. the stitches used to make such a line.
3. any line formed by abutting edges.
4. any linear indentation or mark, as a wrinkle or scar.
5. Knitting.a line of stitches formed by purling.
6. Geol.a comparatively thin stratum; a bed, as of coal.

1. to join with or as if with stitches; make the seam or seams of.
2. to furrow; mark with wrinkles, scars, etc.
3. knit with or in a seam.

1. to become cracked, fissured, or furrowed.
2. make a line of stitches by purling.

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