Pronunciation: (shut), [key]
v., shut, shut•ting,
adj., n.

1. to put (a door, cover, etc.) in position to close or obstruct.
2. to close the doors of (often fol. by up): to shut up a shop for the night.
3. to close (something) by bringing together or folding its parts: Shut your book. Shut the window!
4. to confine; enclose: to shut a bird into a cage.
5. to bar; exclude: They shut him from their circle.
6. to cause (a business, factory, store, etc.) to end or suspend operations: He shut his store, sold his house, and moved away. We're shutting the office for two weeks in June.
7. to bolt; bar.

1. to become shut or closed; close.
2. shut down,
a. to settle over so as to envelop or darken: The fog shut down rapidly.
b. to close, esp. temporarily, as a factory; cease manufacturing or business operations.
c. Also,shut down on or upon. hinder; check; stop.
3. shut in,
a. to enclose.
b. to confine, as from illness: She broke her leg in a fall and has been shut in for several weeks.
4. shut off,
a. to stop the passage of (water, traffic, electricity, etc.); close off.
b. to isolate; separate: an outpost almost completely shut off from civilization.
5. shut out,
a. to keep from entering; exclude.
b. to hide from view.
c. to prevent (an opponent or opposing team) from scoring, as in a game of baseball.
6. shut up,
a. to imprison; confine.
b. to close entirely.
c. to stop talking; become silent: I thought the neighbors would never shut up and let me sleep.
d. to stop (someone) from talking; silence.

1. closed; fastened up: a shut door.
2. Phonet.checked.
3. shut of, of; rid of: He wished he were shut of all his debts.

1. the act or time of shutting or closing.
2. the line where two pieces of welded metal are united.

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