Pronunciation: (shī), [key]
adj., shy•er or shi•er, shy•est or shi•est,
v., shied, shy•ing,
n., pl. shies.

1. bashful; retiring.
2. easily frightened away; timid.
3. suspicious; distrustful: I am a bit shy of that sort of person.
4. reluctant; wary.
5. deficient: shy of funds.
6. scant; short of a full amount or number: still a few dollars shy of our goal; an inch shy of being six feet.
7. (in poker) indebted to the pot.
8. not bearing or breeding freely, as plants or animals.
9. fight shy of, to keep away from; avoid: She fought shy of making the final decision.

1. (esp. of a horse) to start back or aside, as in fear.
2. to draw back; recoil.

a sudden start aside, as in fear.


Pronunciation: (shī), [key]
v., shied, shy•ing,
n., pl. shies.

v.t., v.i.
to throw with a swift, sudden movement: to shy a stone.

1. a quick, sudden throw.
2. Informal.
a. a gibe or sneer.
b. a try.

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