Pronunciation: (sit'ing), [key]
1. the act of a person or thing that sits.
2. a period of remaining seated, as in posing for a portrait or reading a book.
3. the space on or in which one sits, as in a church.
4. a brooding, as of a hen upon eggs; incubation.
5. the number of eggs on which a bird sits during a single hatching; clutch.
6. a session, as of a court or legislature.
7. the time or space allotted to the serving of a meal to a group, as aboard a ship.

1. (of a bird) occupying a nest of eggs for hatching.
2. of, for, or suited to sitting: a sitting area in the lobby.
3. holding an official position or office; occupying an appointed or elected seat; incumbent: a sitting pontiff.
4. in session or at work; active: a sitting legislature.
5. sitting pretty, in an auspicious position: He's been sitting pretty since he got that new job.

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