Pronunciation: (skāt), [key]
n., v., skat•ed, skat•ing.

1. See ice skate (def. 1).
2. See roller skate.
3. the blade of an ice skate.
4. a skid on a lifeboat to facilitate launching from a listing ship.
5. get or put one's skates on, Brit. make haste.

1. to glide or propel oneself over ice, the ground, etc., on skates.
2. to glide or slide smoothly along.
3. shirk one's duty; loaf.
4. (of the tone arm on a record player) to swing toward the spindle while a record is playing.

1. to slide (a flat) across the floor of a stage.
2. skate on thin ice, to be or place oneself in a risky or delicate situation: Taking a public stand on the question would be skating on thin ice.


Pronunciation: (skāt), [key]
pl. (esp. collectively) skate, (esp. referring to two or more kinds or species) skates.

any of several rays of the genus Raja, usually having a pointed snout, as R. binoculata (big skate), inhabiting waters along the Pacific coast of the U.S., growing to a length of 8 ft. (2.4 m).


Pronunciation: (skāt), [key]
n. Slang.
1. a person; fellow: He's a good skate.
2. a contemptible person.
3. an inferior, decrepit horse; nag.

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