Pronunciation: (skī'rok"it), [key]
1. a rocket firework that ascends into the air and explodes at a height, usually in a brilliant array of sparks of one or more colors.
2. Also called scarlet gilia. a plant, Ipomopsis aggregata, of the phlox family, native to western North America, having finely divided leaves and clusters of red, trumpet-shaped flowers.
3. an organized group cheer, usually led by a cheerleader, as at a football or basketball game, which begins with a hissing or whistling and ends with a shout.

to rise or increase rapidly or suddenly, esp. to unexpected or unprecedented levels: Prices skyrocketed during the war.

1. to cause to rise or increase rapidly and usually suddenly: Economic changes have skyrocketed prices.
2. to thrust with sudden dramatic advancement; catapult: Talent has skyrocketed him to fame.

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