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Pronunciation: (snug), [key]
adj., snug•ger, snug•gest,
v., snugged, snug•ging,
adv., n.

1. warmly comfortable or cozy, as a place, accommodations, etc.: a snug little house.
2. fitting closely, as a garment: a snug jacket.
3. more or less compact or limited in size, and sheltered or warm: a snug harbor.
4. trim, neat, or compactly arranged, as a ship or its parts.
5. comfortably circumstanced, as persons.
6. pleasant or agreeable, esp. in a small, exclusive way: a snug coterie of writers.
7. enabling one to live in comfort: a snug fortune.
8. secret; concealed; well-hidden: a snug hideout.

to lie closely or comfortably; nestle.

1. to make snug.
2. Naut.to prepare for a storm by taking in sail, lashing deck gear, etc. (usually fol. by down).

in a snug manner: The shirt fit snug around the neck.

Brit.a small, secluded room in a tavern, as for private parties.

Random House Unabridged Dictionary, Copyright © 1997, by Random House, Inc., on Infoplease.

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