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Pronunciation: (soong), [key]
1. Charles Jones, 1866–1918, Chinese merchant (father of Ai-ling, Ch'ing-ling, Mei-ling, and Tse-ven Soong).
2. Ai-ling Pronunciation: (ī'ling'), [key] 1888–1973, wife of H. H. Kung.
3. Ching-ling or Ch'ing-ling Pronunciation: (ching'ling'), [key] 1892–1981, widow of Sun Yat-sen.
4. Mei-ling or Mayling Pronunciation: (mā'ling'), [key] born 1898, wife of Chiang Kai-shek.
5. Tse-ven or Tzu-wen Pronunciation: (tsoo'wun'), [key] (T.V.), 1894–1971, Chinese financier.

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