Pronunciation: (spīur), [key]
n., v., spired, spir•ing.

1. a tall, acutely pointed pyramidal roof or rooflike construction upon a tower, roof, etc.
2. a similar construction forming the upper part of a steeple. See illus. under steeple.
3. a tapering, pointed part of something; a tall, sharp-pointed summit, peak, or the like: the distant spires of the mountains.
4. the highest point or summit of something: the spire of a hill; the spire of one's profession.
5. a sprout or shoot of a plant, as an acrospire of grain or a blade or spear of grass.

to shoot or rise into spirelike form; rise or extend to a height in the manner of a spire.


Pronunciation: (spīur), [key]
1. a coil or spiral.
2. one of the series of convolutions of a coil or spiral.
3. Zool.the upper, convoluted part of a spiral shell, above the aperture.

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