Pronunciation: (stôk), [key]
1. the stem or main axis of a plant.
2. any slender supporting or connecting part of a plant, as the petiole of a leaf, the peduncle of a flower, or the funicle of an ovule.
3. a similar structural part of an animal.
4. a stem, shaft, or slender supporting part of anything.
5. Auto.a slender lever, usually mounted on or near the steering wheel, that is used by the driver to control a signal or function: The horn button is on the turn-signal stalk.


Pronunciation: (stôk), [key]
1. to pursue or approach prey, quarry, etc., stealthily.
2. to walk with measured, stiff, or haughty strides: He was so angry he stalked away without saying goodbye.
3. to proceed in a steady, deliberate, or sinister manner: Famine stalked through the nation.
4. walk or go stealthily along.

1. to pursue (game, a person, etc.) stealthily.
2. to proceed through (an area) in search of prey or quarry: to stalk the woods for game.
3. to proceed or spread through in a steady or sinister manner: Disease stalked the land.

1. an act or course of stalking quarry, prey, or the like: We shot the mountain goat after a five-hour stalk.
2. a slow, stiff stride or gait.

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