Pronunciation: (stâr), [key]
v., stared, star•ing,

1. to gaze fixedly and intently, esp. with the eyes wide open.
2. to be boldly or obtrusively conspicuous: The bright modern painting stares out at you in the otherwise conservative gallery.
3. (of hair, feathers, etc.) to stand on end; bristle.

1. to stare at: to stare a person up and down.
2. to effect or have a certain effect on by staring: to stare one out of countenance.
3. stare down,to cause to become uncomfortable by gazing steadily at one; overcome by staring: A nonsmoker at the next table tried to stare me down.
4. stare one in the face, to be urgent or impending; confront: The income-tax deadline is staring us in the face.

a staring gaze; a fixed look with the eyes wide open: The banker greeted him with a glassy stare.

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