Pronunciation: (strēm), [key]
1. a body of water flowing in a channel or watercourse, as a river, rivulet, or brook.
2. a steady current in water, as in a river or the ocean: to row against the stream; the Gulf Stream.
3. any flow of water or other liquid or fluid: streams of blood.
4. a current or flow of air, gas, or the like.
5. a beam or trail of light: A stream of moonlight fell from the clouds.
6. a continuous flow or succession of anything: a stream of words.
7. prevailing direction; drift: the stream of opinion.
8. on stream, in or into operation: The factory will be on stream in a month.

1. to flow, pass, or issue in a stream, as water, tears, or blood.
2. to send forth or throw off a stream; run or flow (often fol. by with): eyes streaming with tears.
3. to extend in a beam or in rays, as light: Sunlight streamed in through the windows.
4. to move or proceed continuously like a flowing stream, as a procession.
5. to wave or float outward, as a flag in the wind.
6. to hang in a loose, flowing manner, as long hair.

1. to send forth or discharge in a stream: The wound streamed blood.
2. to cause to stream or float outward, as a flag.
3. place (an object) in the water at the end of a line attached to a vessel.

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