Pronunciation: (strō'bu-skōp", strob'u-), [key]
1. a device for studying the motion of a body, esp. a body in rapid revolution or vibration, by making the motion appear to slow down or stop, as by periodically illuminating the body or viewing it through widely spaced openings in a revolving disk.
2. Photog.
a. Also called strobe, strobe light, stro'boscop'ic lamp'. a lamp capable of producing an extremely short, brilliant burst of light, for synchronization with a camera having a high shutter speed, in order to photograph a rapidly moving object, as a bullet, for such a short duration that it will appear to be standing still.
b. the device and equipment for holding and firing such a lamp.
3. such a lamp used for creating special lighting effects, as in a theater or discotheque or at a rock concert.

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