Pronunciation: (such), [key]
1. of the kind, character, degree, extent, etc., of that or those indicated or implied: Such a man is dangerous.
2. of that particular kind or character: The food, such as it was, was plentiful.
3. like or similar: tea, coffee, and such commodities.
4. (used with omission of an indication of comparison) of so extreme a kind; so great, good, bad, etc.: He is such a liar.
5. being as stated or indicated: Such is the case.
6. being the person or thing or the persons or things indicated: If any member be behind in his dues, such member shall be suspended.
7. definite but not specified; such and such: Allow such an amount for food and such an amount for rent.

1. so; very; to such a degree: such pleasant people.
2. in such a way or manner.

1. such a person or thing or such persons or things: kings, princes, and such.
2. someone or something indicated or exemplified: He claims to be a friend but is not such.
3. as such. See as 1 (def. 26).
4. such as,
a. of the kind specified: A plan such as you propose will never succeed.
b. for example: He considers quiet pastimes, such as reading and chess, a bore.

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