Pronunciation: (suk), [key]
1. to draw into the mouth by producing a partial vacuum by action of the lips and tongue: to suck lemonade through a straw.
2. to draw (water, moisture, air, etc.) by or as if by suction: Plants suck moisture from the earth. The pump sucked water from the basement.
3. to apply the lips or mouth to and draw upon by producing a partial vacuum, esp. for extracting fluid contents: to suck an orange.
4. to put into the mouth and draw upon: to suck one's thumb.
5. to take into the mouth and dissolve by the action of the tongue, saliva, etc.: to suck a piece of candy.
6. to render or bring to a specified condition by or as if by sucking.

1. to draw something in by producing a partial vacuum in the mouth, esp. to draw milk from the breast.
2. to draw or be drawn by or as if by suction.
3. (of a pump) to draw air instead of water, as when the water is low or a valve is defective.
4. behave in a fawning manner (usually fol. by around).
5. be repellent or disgusting: Poverty sucks.
6. suck face, to engage in soul-kissing.
7. suck in, deceive; cheat; defraud: The confidence man sucked us all in.
8. suck off, Slang (vulgar). to fellate.
9. suck up, be obsequious; toady: The workers are all sucking up to him because he's the one who decides who'll get the bonuses.

1. an act or instance of sucking.
2. a sucking force.
3. the sound produced by sucking.
4. that which is sucked; nourishment drawn from the breast.
5. a small drink; sip.
6. a whirlpool.

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