Pronunciation: (tomp'sun, tom'-), [key]
1. Benjamin, Count Rumford, 1753–1814, English physicist and diplomat, born in the U.S.
2. Dorothy, 1894–1961, U.S. journalist.
3. Francis, 1859–1907, English poet.
4. J(ames) Walter, 1847–1928, U.S. advertising executive.
5. Sir John Sparrow David, 1844–94, Canadian statesman: prime minister 1892–94.
6. Randall, Pronunciation: (ran'dl), [key] 1899–1984, U.S. composer and teacher.
7. Sylvia, 1902–68, English novelist, born in Scotland.
8. a city in N central Manitoba, in central Canada: nickel mining. 14,288.
9. a town in NE Connecticut. 8141.

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