Pronunciation: (thum), [key]
1. the short, thick, inner digit of the human hand, next to the forefinger.
2. the corresponding digit in other animals; pollex.
3. the part of a glove or mitten for containing this digit.
4. ovolo or echinus molding.
5. all thumbs, awkward; clumsy; bungling: The visitor almost knocked over a vase and seemed to be all thumbs.
6. thumbs down, a gesture or expression of dissent or disapproval: We turned thumbs down to that suggestion.
7. thumbs up, a gesture or expression of assent or approval.
8. under one's thumb, under the power or influence of; subordinate to. Also,under the thumb of.

1. to soil or wear with the thumbs in handling, as the pages of a book.
2. to glance through (the pages of a book, leaflet, etc.) quickly.
3. to play (a guitar or other instrument) with or as with the thumbs.
4. (of a hitchhiker) to solicit or get (a ride) by pointing the thumb in the desired direction of travel.
5. thumb one's nose,
a. to put one's thumb to one's nose and extend the fingers as a crudely defiant or contemptuous gesture.
b. to express defiance or contempt; dismiss or reject contemptuously.

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