Pronunciation: (tik'it), [key]
1. a slip, usually of paper or cardboard, serving as evidence that the holder has paid a fare or admission or is entitled to some service, right, or the like: a railroad ticket; a theater ticket.
2. a summons issued for a traffic or parking violation.
3. a written or printed slip of paper, cardboard, etc., affixed to something to indicate its nature, price, or the like; label or tag.
4. a slate of candidates nominated by a particular party or faction and running together in an election.
5. the license of a ship's officer or of an aviation pilot.
6. Banking.a preliminary recording of transactions prior to their entry in more permanent books of account.
7. Informal.the proper or advisable thing: That's the ticket! Warm milk and toast is just the ticket for you.
8. Archaic.a placard.
9. Obs.a short note, notice, or memorandum.
10. have tickets on oneself, Australian be conceited.

1. to attach a ticket to; distinguish by means of a ticket; label.
2. to furnish with a ticket, as on the railroad.
3. to serve with a summons for a traffic or parking violation.
4. to attach such a summons to: to ticket illegally parked cars.

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