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Pronunciation: (tu-lē'dō; for 1, 3, 4, also Sp. tô-le'&thslash;ô), [key]
pl. -dosPronunciation: (-dōz; Sp. -&thslash;ôs) [key] for 4.

1. Fran•cis•co de Pronunciation: (frän-sēs'kô &thslash;e) [key] , c1515–84?, Spanish administrator: viceroy of Peru 1569–81.
2. a port in NW Ohio, on Lake Erie. 354,635.
3. a city in central Spain, on the Tagus River: the capital of Spain under the Romans. 44,382.
4. a sword or sword blade of finely tempered steel, a formerly made in Toledo, Spain.

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