Pronunciation: (tōl), [key]
1. a payment or fee exacted by the state, the local authorities, etc., for some right or privilege, as for passage along a road or over a bridge.
2. the extent of loss, damage, suffering, etc., resulting from some action or calamity: The toll was 300 persons dead or missing.
3. a tax, duty, or tribute, as for services or use of facilities.
4. a payment made for a long-distance telephone call.
5. (formerly, in England) the right to take such payment.
6. a compensation for services, as for transportation or transmission.
7. grain retained by a miller in payment for grinding.

1. to collect (something) as toll.
2. to impose a tax or toll on (a person).

to collect toll; levy toll.


Pronunciation: (tōl), [key]
1. to cause (a large bell) to sound with single strokes slowly and regularly repeated, as for summoning a congregation to church, or esp. for announcing a death.
2. to sound or strike (a knell, the hour, etc.) by such strokes: In the distance Big Ben tolled five.
3. to announce by this means; ring a knell for (a dying or dead person).
4. to summon or dismiss by tolling.
5. to lure or decoy (game) by arousing curiosity.
6. to allure; entice: He tolls us on with fine promises.

to sound with single strokes slowly and regularly repeated, as a bell.

1. the act of tolling a bell.
2. one of the strokes made in tolling a bell.
3. the sound made. Also,tole (for defs. 5, 6).


Pronunciation: (tōl), [key]
v.t. Law.
to suspend or interrupt (as a statute of limitations).

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