Pronunciation: (
prep. tôrd, tōrd, tu-wôrd', twôrd, twōrd;
adj.tôrd, tōrd),
prep. Also,to•wards'.
1. in the direction of: to walk toward the river.
2. with a view to obtaining or having; for: They're saving money toward a new house.
3. in the area or vicinity of; near: Our cabin is toward the top of the hill.
4. turned to; facing: Her back was toward me.
5. shortly before; close to: toward midnight.
6. as a help or contribution to: to give money toward a person's expenses.
7. with respect to; as regards: his attitude toward women.

1. about to come soon; imminent.
2. going on; in progress; afoot: There is work toward.
3. propitious; favorable.
4. Obs.
a. promising or apt, as a student.
b. compliant; docile.

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