Pronunciation: (
v.trans-pôrt', -pōrt';
n.trans'pôrt, -pōrt),
1. to carry, move, or convey from one place to another.
2. to carry away by strong emotion; enrapture.
3. to send into banishment, esp. to a penal colony.

1. the act of transporting or conveying; conveyance.
2. a means of transporting or conveying, as a truck or bus.
3. a ship or plane employed for transporting soldiers, military stores, etc.
4. an airplane carrying freight or passengers as part of a transportation system.
5. a system of public travel.
6. transportation (def. 6).
7. strong emotion; ecstatic joy, bliss, etc.
8. a convict sent into banishment, esp. to a penal colony: The country had been colonized largely by transports.
9. Recording.Also called tape transport. a mechanism that moves magnetic tape past the head in a tape deck or tape recorder.

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