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Pronunciation: (trib'yOOn, tri-byOOn'), [key]
1. a person who upholds or defends the rights of the people.
2. Rom. Hist.
a. any of various administrative officers, esp. one of 10 officers elected to protect the interests and rights of the plebeians from the patricians.
b. any of the six officers of a legion who rotated in commanding the legion during the year.


Pronunciation: (trib'yOOn, tri-byOOn'), [key]
1. a raised platform for a speaker; a dais, rostrum, or pulpit.
2. a raised part, or gallery, with seats, as in a church.
3. (in a Christian basilica) the bishop's throne, occupying a recess or apse.
4. the apse itself.
5. tribunal (def. 3).

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