Pronunciation: (truk), [key]
1. any of various forms of vehicle for carrying goods and materials, usually consisting of a single self-propelled unit but also often composed of a trailer vehicle hauled by a tractor unit.
2. any of various wheeled frames used for transporting heavy objects.
3. Also called hand truck. a barrowlike frame with low wheels, a ledge at the bottom, and handles at the top, used to move heavy luggage, packages, cartons, etc.
4. a low, rectangular frame on which heavy boxes, crates, trunks, etc., are moved; a dolly.
5. a tiered framework on casters.
6. a group of two or more pairs of wheels in one frame, for supporting one end of a railroad car, locomotive, etc.
7. Motion Pictures.a dolly on which a camera is mounted.
8. Brit.a freight car having no top.
9. a small wooden wheel, cylinder, or roller, as on certain old-style gun carriages.
10. Naut.a circular or square piece of wood fixed on the head of a mast or the top of a flagstaff, usually containing small holes for signal halyards.

1. to transport by truck.
2. to put on a truck.
3. dolly (def. 11).

1. to convey articles or goods on a truck.
2. to drive a truck.
3. dolly (def. 12).

of, pertaining to, or for a truck or trucks: a truck drive; truck tires.


Pronunciation: (truk), [key]
1. vegetables raised for the market.
2. miscellaneous articles of little worth; odds and ends.
3. Informal.trash or rubbish: That's a lot of truck.
4. Informal.dealings: I'll have no truck with him.
5. barter.
6. a bargain or deal.
7. the payment of wages in goods instead of money.
8. See truck system.

to exchange; trade; barter.

1. to exchange commodities; barter.
2. to traffic; have dealings.


Pronunciation: (truk), [key]
a shuffling jitterbug step.

1. to dance with such steps.
2. walk or stroll, esp. in a jaunty manner: trucking down the avenue on a Sunday afternoon.

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