Pronunciation: (tun'l), [key]
n., v., -neled, -nel•ing or (esp. Brit.) -nelled, -nel•ling.

1. an underground passage.
2. a passageway, as for trains or automobiles, through or under an obstruction, as a city, mountain, river, harbor, or the like.
3. an approximately horizontal gallery or corridor in a mine.
4. the burrow of an animal.
5. Dial.a funnel.

1. to construct a passageway through or under: to tunnel a mountain.
2. to make or excavate (a tunnel or underground passage): to tunnel a passage under a river.
3. to move or proceed by or as if by boring a tunnel: The river tunneled its way through the mountain.
4. to pierce or hollow out, as with tunnels.

to make a tunnel or tunnels: to tunnel through the Alps.

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