Pronunciation: (tûr'it, tur'-), [key]
1. a small tower, usually one forming part of a larger structure.
2. a small tower at an angle of a building, as of a castle or fortress, frequently beginning some distance above the ground.
3. Also called tur•ret•head Pronunciation: (tûr'it-hed", tur'-). [key]a pivoted attachment on a lathe or the like for holding a number of tools, each of which can be presented to the work in rapid succession by a simple rotating movement.
4. Mil.a domelike, sometimes heavily armored structure, usually revolving horizontally, within which guns are mounted, as on a fortification, ship, or aircraft.
5. Fort.a tall structure, usually moved on wheels, formerly employed in breaching or scaling a fortified place, a wall, or the like.

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