Pronunciation: (yOO-nīt'), [key]
v., u•nit•ed, u•nit•ing.

1. to join, combine, or incorporate so as to form a single whole or unit.
2. to cause to adhere: to unite two pieces of wood with glue.
3. to cause to be in a state of mutual sympathy, or to have a common opinion or attitude.
4. to have or exhibit in union or combination: a person who unites generosity and forgiveness.
5. to join in marriage.

1. to become joined together or combined so as to form a single whole.
2. to act in concert or agreement.
3. to share a common opinion, attitude, etc.
4. to be joined by or as if by adhesion.


Pronunciation: (yOO'nīt, yOO-nīt'), [key]
a former gold coin of England, equal to 20 shillings, issued under James I and Charles I.

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