Pronunciation: (up'stârz'), [key]
adv., adj., n., pl. -stairs.

1. up the stairs; to or on an upper floor.
2. the mind: to be a little weak upstairs.
3. to or at a higher level of authority: You may have to take the matter upstairs.
4. Mil. or to a higher level in the air.
5. kick upstairs, to promote (a person) to a higher position, usually having less authority, in order to be rid of him or her.

Also,up'stair'.of, pertaining to, or situated on an upper floor: an upstairs window; an upstairs apartment.

1. (usually used with a sing. v.) an upper story or stories; the part of a building or house that is above the ground floor: The upstairs of this house is entirely rented.
2. a higher command or level of authority: We can't take action till we have approval from upstairs.

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