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Pronunciation: (vu-lā'ō, -hō; for 1, 2 also Sp. bä-ye'hô), [key]
1. Cé•sar Pronunciation: ( Sp. se'sär), [key] 1895–1938, Peruvian poet.
2. Ma•ri•a•no Gua•da•lupe Pronunciation: (mär"ē-ä'nō gwäd"l-OOp', -OO'pē, mar"-; Sp. mä-ryä'nô gwä"&thslash;ä-lOO'pe), [key] 1808–90, military and political leader in California, serving the Mexican government until 1846; elected senator to the first state legislature 1849.
3. a city in W California, on San Pablo Bay, NE of San Francisco. 80,188.

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