Pronunciation: (wol'is, wô'lis), [key]
1. Alfred Rus•sel Pronunciation: (rus'ul), [key] 1823–1913, English naturalist, explorer, and author.
2. George Cor•ley Pronunciation: (kôr'lē), [key] 1919-1998, U.S. politician: governor of Alabama 1963–67, 1971–79, and 1983–87.
3. Henry (A•gard) Pronunciation: (ā'gärd), [key] 1888–1965, U.S. agriculturalist, author, and statesman: Secretary of Agriculture 1933–40; vice president of the U.S. 1941–45; Secretary of Commerce 1945–46.
4. Lewis (“Lew”), 1827–1905, U.S. general and novelist.
5. Sir William. Also,Walays,Wallensis.1272?–1305, Scottish military leader and patriot.
6. (William Roy) De•Witt Pronunciation: (du-wit'), [key] 1889–1981, and his wife, Lila Bell (Acheson), 1889–1984, U.S. magazine publishers.
7. a male given name: a Scottish family name meaning “Welshman, foreigner.”

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