Pronunciation: (wô'tu-rē, wot'u-), [key]
1. pertaining to or connected with water: watery Neptune.
2. full of or abounding in water, as soil or a region; soggy; boggy.
3. containing much or too much water: a watery paste; a watery batter.
4. soft, soggy, tasteless, etc., due to excessive water or overcooking: watery vegetables; a watery stew.
5. tearful.
6. of the nature of water: watery vapor.
7. resembling water in appearance or color: eyes of a watery blue.
8. resembling water in fluidity and absence of viscosity: a watery fluid.
9. of poor or weak quality; thin, washy, or vapid: watery prose.
10. consisting of water: a watery grave.
11. discharging, filled with, or secreting a waterlike morbid substance.

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