Pronunciation: (waks), [key]
1. Also called beeswax. a solid, yellowish, nonglycerine substance allied to fats and oils, secreted by bees, plastic when warm and melting at about 145°F, variously employed in making candles, models, casts, ointments, etc., and used by bees in constructing their honeycomb.
2. any of various similar substances, as spermaceti or the secretions of certain insects and plants. Cf. vegetable wax, wax insect.
3. any of a group of substances composed of hydrocarbons, alcohols, fatty acids, and esters that are solid at ordinary temperatures.
4. cerumen; earwax.
5. a resinous substance used by shoemakers for rubbing thread.
6. See sealing wax.
7. a person or object suggesting wax, as in manageability or malleability: I am helpless wax in your hands.
8. whole ball of wax, Slang.
a. the entire or overall plan, concept, action, result, or the like: The first ten minutes of the meeting will determine the whole ball of wax.
b. everything of a similar or related nature: They sold us skis, boots, bindings, poles—the whole ball of wax.

1. to rub, smear, stiffen, polish, etc., with wax: to wax the floor.
2. to fill the crevices of (ornamental marble) with colored material.
3. make a phonograph recording of.
4. defeat decisively; drub: We waxed the competition.

pertaining to, made of, or resembling wax: a wax candle; a wax doll.


Pronunciation: (waks), [key]
v.i., waxed; waxed or (Literary) wax•en; wax•ing.
1. to increase in extent, quantity, intensity, power, etc.: Discord waxed at an alarming rate.
2. (of the moon) to increase in the extent of its illuminated portion before the full moon. Cf. wane (def. 4).
3. to grow or become: He waxed angry at the insinuation.


Pronunciation: (waks), [key]
n. Chiefly Brit.
a fit of anger; rage.

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