Pronunciation: (hwak, wak), [key]
1. to strike with a smart, resounding blow or blows.
2. divide into or take in shares (often fol. by up): Whack the loot between us two.

1. to strike a smart, resounding blow or blows.
2. whack off,
a. to cut off or separate with a blow: The cook whacked off the fish's head.
b. Slang (vulgar). to masturbate.
3. whack out, produce quickly or, sometimes, carelessly: She whacks out a short story every week or so.

1. a smart, resounding blow: a whack with his hand.
2. Informal.a trial or attempt: to take a whack at a job.
3. Slang.a portion or share.
4. out of whack, Informal.out of order or alignment; not in proper condition.

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