Pronunciation: (hwûrl, wûrl), [key]
1. to turn around, spin, or rotate rapidly: The merry-go-round whirled noisily.
2. to turn about or aside quickly: He whirled and faced his pursuers.
3. to move, travel, or be carried rapidly along: She whirled along the freeway in her new car.
4. to feel as though spinning rapidly; reel as from dizziness: My head began to whirl.

1. to cause to turn around, spin, or rotate rapidly.
2. to send, drive, or carry in a circular or curving course.
3. to drive, send, or carry along with great or dizzying rapidity.
4. hurl.

1. the act of whirling; rapid rotation or gyration.
2. a whirling movement; quick turn or swing.
3. a short drive, run, walk, or the like; spin.
4. something that whirls; a whirling current or mass.
5. a rapid round of events, affairs, etc.: a whirl of meetings, conferences, and business lunches.
6. a state marked by dizziness or a dizzying succession of feelings, thoughts, etc.
7. an attempt or trial, esp. one undertaken tentatively or experimentally: Even if you don't agree with my plan, won't you give it a whirl?
8. Mach.whip (def. 29).

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