Pronunciation: (hwis'kur, wis'-), [key]
1. whiskers,a beard.
2. Usually, whiskers. See side whiskers.
3. a single hair of the beard.
4. Archaic.a mustache.
5. one of the long, stiff, bristly hairs growing about the mouth of certain animals, as the cat or rat; vibrissa.
6. Also called whisk'er boom", whisk'er pole". Naut.any spar for extending the clew or clews of a sail so that it can catch more wind.
7. Radio, Electronics.See cat whisker.
8. Crystall.a thin filament of a crystal, usually several millimeters long and one to two microns in diameter, having unusually great strength.
9. by a whisker, by the narrowest margin: She won the race by a whisker.

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