Pronunciation: (wish), [key]
1. to want; desire; long for (usually fol. by an infinitive or a clause): I wish to travel. I wish that it were morning.
2. to desire (a person or thing) to be (as specified): to wish the problem settled.
3. to entertain wishes, favorably or otherwise, for: to wish someone well; to wish someone ill.
4. to bid, as in greeting or leave-taking: to wish someone a good morning.
5. to request or charge: I wish him to come.

1. to desire; long; yearn (often fol. by for): Mother says I may go if I wish. I wished for a book.
2. to make a wish: She wished more than she worked.
3. wish on,
a. to force or impose (usually used in the negative): I wouldn't wish that awful job on my worst enemy.
b. Also,wish make a wish using some object as a magical talisman: to wish on a star.

1. an act or instance of wishing.
2. a request or command: I was never forgiven for disregarding my father's wishes.
3. an expression of a wish, often one of a kindly or courteous nature: to send one's best wishes.
4. something wished or desired: He got his wish--a new car.

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