Pronunciation: (wi&thslash;-in', with-), [key]
1. in or into the interior or inner part; inside.
2. in or into a house, building, etc.; indoors: The fire was burning on the hearth within.
3. on, or as regards, the inside; internally.
4. inside an enclosed place, area, room, etc.: He was startled by a cry from within.
5. in the mind, heart, or soul; inwardly.

1. in or into the interior of or the parts or space enclosed by: within city walls.
2. inside of; in.
3. in the compass or limits of; not beyond: within view; to live within one's income.
4. at or to some point not beyond, as in length or distance; not farther than: within a radius of a mile.
5. at or to some amount or degree not exceeding: within two degrees of freezing.
6. in the course or period of, as in time: within one's memory; within three minutes.
7. inside of the limits fixed or required by; not transgressing: within the law.
8. in the field, sphere, or scope of: within the family; within one's power.

the inside of a place, space, or building.

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