Pronunciation: (wool), [key]
1. the fine, soft, curly hair that forms the fleece of sheep and certain other animals, characterized by minute, overlapping surface scales that give it its felting property.
2. fabrics and garments of such wool.
3. yarn made of such wool.
4. any of various substances used commercially as substitutes for the wool of sheep or other animals.
5. any of certain vegetable fibers, as cotton or flax, used as wool, esp. after preparation by special process (vegetable wool).
6. any finely fibrous or filamentous matter suggestive of the wool of sheep: glass wool; steel wool.
7. any coating of short, fine hairs or hairlike processes, as on a caterpillar or a plant; pubescence.
8. Informal.the human hair, esp. when short, thick, and crisp.
9. all wool and a yard wide, genuine; excellent; sincere: He was a real friend, all wool and a yard wide.
10. dyed in the wool, inveterate; confirmed: a dyed in the wool sinner.
11. pull the wool over someone's eyes, to deceive or delude someone: The boy thought that by hiding the broken dish he could pull the wool over his mother's eyes.

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