Pronunciation: (wood; unstressed wud), [key]
1. a pt. and pp. of will 1.
2. (used to express the future in past sentences): He said he would go tomorrow.
3. (used in place of will, to make a statement or form a question less direct or blunt): That would scarcely be fair. Would you be so kind?
4. (used to express repeated or habitual action in the past): We would visit Grandma every morning up at the farm.
5. (used to express an intention or inclination): Nutritionists would have us all eat whole grains.
6. (used to express a wish): Would he were here!
7. (used to express an uncertainty): It would appear that he is guilty.
8. (used in conditional sentences to express choice or possibility): They would come if they had the fare. If the temperature were higher, the water would evaporate.
9. would have, (used with a past participle to express unfulfilled intention or preference): I would have saved you some but Jimmy took it all.
10. would like, (used to express desire): I would like to go next year.
11. would rather. See rather (def. 7).


Pronunciation: (wōld)), [key]

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