Pronunciation: (rīt), [key]
v., wrote or (Archaic) writ; writ•ten or (Archaic) writ; writ•ing.

1. to trace or form (characters, letters, words, etc.) on the surface of some material, as with a pen, pencil, or other instrument or means; inscribe: Write your name on the board.
2. to express or communicate in writing; give a written account of.
3. to fill in the blank spaces of (a printed form) with writing: to write a check.
4. to execute or produce by setting down words, figures, etc.: to write two copies of a letter.
5. to compose and produce in words or characters duly set down: to write a letter to a friend.
6. to produce as author or composer: to write a sonnet; to write a symphony.
7. to trace significant characters on, or mark or cover with writing.
8. to cause to be apparent or unmistakable: Honesty is written on his face.
9. transfer (information, data, programs, etc.) from storage to secondary storage or an output medium.
10. Stock sell (options).
11. to underwrite.

1. to trace or form characters, words, etc., with a pen, pencil, or other instrument or means, or as a pen or the like does: He writes with a pen.
2. to write as a profession or occupation: She writes for the Daily Inquirer.
3. to express ideas in writing.
4. to write a letter or letters, or communicate by letter: Write if you get work.
5. to compose or work as a writer or author.
6. write into a secondary storage device or output medium.
7. write down,
a. to set down in writing; record; note.
b. to direct one's writing to a less intelligent reader or audience: He writes down to the public.
8. write in,
a. to vote for (a candidate not listed on the ballot) by writing his or her name on the ballot.
b. to include in or add to a text by writing: Do not write in corrections on the galley.
c. to request something by mail: If interested, please write in for details.
9. write off,
a. to cancel an entry in an account, as an unpaid and uncollectable debt.
b. to regard as worthless, lost, obsolete, etc.; decide to forget: to write off their bad experience.
c. to amortize: The new equipment was written off in three years.
10. write out,
a. to put into writing.
b. to write in full form; state completely.
c. to exhaust the capacity or resources of by excessive writing: He's just another author who has written himself out.
11. write up,
a. to put into writing, esp. in full detail: Write up a report.
b. to present to public notice in a written description or account.
c. make an excessive valuation of (an asset).

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