Pronunciation: (bīn'dur), [key]
1. a person or thing that binds.
2. a detachable cover, resembling the cover of a notebook or book, with clasps or rings for holding loose papers together: a three-ring binder.
3. a person who binds books; a bookbinder.
4. agreement by which property or liability coverage is granted pending issuance of a policy.
5. Agric.
a. an attachment to a harvester or reaper for binding the cut grain.
b. Also called self-binder. a machine that cuts and binds grain.
6. Chem.any substance that causes the components of a mixture to cohere.
7. Painting.a vehicle in which pigment is suspended.
8. (in powder metallurgy) a substance for holding compacted metal powder together while it is being sintered.
9. Building Trades.
a. a stone, as a perpend, for bonding masonry.
b. a girder supporting the ends of two sets of floor joists.
c. a material for holding loose material together, as in a macadamized road.
d. stirrup (def. 5).
10. Brit., Australian Slang.a large quantity, esp. of food.

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B.Ind.Edbinder twine
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