Pronunciation: (dā'lē), [key]
adj., n., pl. -lies,

1. of, done, occurring, or issued each day or each weekday: daily attendance; a daily newspaper.
2. computed or measured by the day: daily quota; a daily wage.

1. a newspaper appearing each day or each weekday.
2. dailies, Motion Pictures.a series of hastily printed shots from the previous day's shooting, selected by the director to be viewed for possible inclusion in the final version of the film; rushes.
3. Brit.
a. a nonresident servant who comes to work every day; a permanently employed servant who sleeps out.
b. a person employed to do cleaning or other household work by the day.

every day; day by day: She phoned the hospital daily.

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Dáil Éireanndaily-breader
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